3D Printer Designs

adoptabot 1.4.jpg

Adoptabot 1.4

An (almost) fully printed 3d printer designed for students and enthusiasts to print and make inexpensive 3D printers to share with others. This is about as ”reprap” as you can get.

First released September 2017

Other versions: Adoptabot v1.3



The Printrbelt was inspired by William Steele’s mod of some makerbot thing at MRRF… (link or pic anyone?) The Blackbelt came out sometime in there- very cool. And I wanted the world to get the benefits of “unlimited Z” - or is it Y? Who knows. Anyway, I made several versions and iterations that I never released, settling finally on a low-budget DIY thing. You will find the major versions here. I see this style of 3D printer as the future of 3D printing. So get your CAD on and improve on what I have done.

First released 2017

UPDATED to the latest version on Dec. 8, 2018


Printrbot Smalls

The smallest member of the Printrbot family is the Smalls. lkadsgkjhsdkbs;jbv dskjhgjhsd vjkhsdjhgs ksdgh jsdb ssjdbhvi djdjb sjdbgsjg sjbg sdj

First released 2017

Other versions: Printrbot Smalls, Limited Edition