3D Printer Designs

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Adoptabot 1.4

An (almost) fully printed 3d printer designed for students and enthusiasts to print and make inexpensive 3D printers to share with others. This is about as ”reprap” as you can get.

First released September 2017

Other versions: Adoptabot v1.3



The Printrbelt was inspired by William Steele’s mod of some makerbot thing at MRRF… (link or pic anyone?) The Blackbelt came out sometime in there- very cool. And I wanted the world to get the benefits of “unlimited Z” - or is it Y? Who knows. Anyway, I made several versions and iterations that I never released, settling finally on a low-budget DIY thing. You will find the major versions here. I see this style of 3D printer as the future of 3D printing. So get your CAD on and improve on what I have done.

First released 2017

UPDATED to the latest version on Dec. 8, 2018


Printrbot Smalls

The smallest member of the Printrbot family is the Smalls. It reminds me of the old laser cut Printrbot jr. and Simple Makers Kit, but even more minimal. It features a few printed parts, a couple injected molded parts from the Play and only one of the laser cut metal parts is folded. It’s the smallest bot with the largest volume without sacrificing on looks. The Limited Edition is some of my best work.

First released 2017

Other versions: Printrbot Smalls, Limited Edition



Model 3

The Model 3 is a large format 3d printer that was influenced by the fact that I had a waterjet and didn’t want to do a lot of folded metal parts. It does have over 200 little tweaks in the design, so it is quite mature. It takes many many hours to build. Simple is hard.

This is designed to be shipped as a flat-pack printer to save shipping cost.

Build Volume: 18” x 12” x 24”

First released 2017


Plus Pro

The Plus Pro was an exercise in imagining what a fully enclosed, “dropping-Z” would be like all dressed up in a business suit. The AC heat bed heats the entire inside volume to the point that you sometimes have to print with the door open. With the 24V, 90 Watt Ubis High Temp. hotend, this printer can handle anything, even PEEK and Ultem. It is a workhorse.

Build Volume: 10” x 10” x 14”

First released 2017



It’s called Big-E, because its a “biggie” and it was built to accept a big pellet extruder. Did I ever put one on it? No. It was the first printer to get a Ubis 24V hotend, which blew me away. This one was a lot of fun. I built a huge box - a room, really - out of thousands of styrofoam packing trays that my steppers used. I put a space heater inside and wrapped the whole thing in plastic sheeting. It was so cheap to make, it was embarrassing. So I gave a few away and let others have fun with it. As they all learned, printing HUGE is hard. There were a lot of learnings that went along with printing 1.75mm filament with a 2mm tip, resulting in 1mm layer heights. This printer represents an ah-ha moment for me… that large format printing was a real niche requiring very specific design choices and a tremendous amount of user knowledge.

First released 2016


Simple Pro

This model was my pinnacle of ease of use. I was very early in pushing ease of use over features and value… so it struggled in a market of enthusiasts. It was targeting newbies, and was well received with them and even pros who appreciated the no-nonsense printing toolchain. It utilized a cloud app that you uploaded the model to for slicing, then it sent the file to the printer for printing. The touchscreen was elegant, including full color thumbnails, and swiping like you would do on a modern phone. The resolution was stellar, but perceived as slower than other competition - although high resolution is always slower. I am confident this model was the easiest to use 3d printer ever made for those new to 3d printing. But after Printrbot closed its doors and lost the cloud service, the software toolchain wasn’t available. Now it is common for users to put new electronics in there to enjoy the superior components and beautiful design. It is the printer I am most proud of and I think the design is timeless… this beauty could enjoy many years of service with no hardware changes necessary, if you have one.

Here are the COGS / BOM based on an MSRP of $999 - Simple Pro COGS CSV File

Build Volume: 8” x 6” x 8”

First released 2016

Printrbot Plus


A Black Friday release racked up over $300,000 in sales in 24 hours. It crushed us but solidified our reputation for building strong printers that performed well. This thing is a beast. Over-built, for sure, but incredible value. It has a rabid following to this day. It did has a two-headed version but the state of the software killed my desire to pursue dual material printing, so I discontinued the two-headed beast. Like the Simple Metal, I could reproduce these today and change almost nothing. Brian Roe did a great job, again, with the design. This printer is another one I won’t be surprised if I see on someone’s desk printing away in 10 years.

How is this for openness? :) - COGS CSV File Here

Build Volume: 10” x 10” x 10”

First released 2014

Printrbot Simple Metal


This printer put us on the map. When others were still struggling with acrylic or laser cut wood… we dropped this all metal case design - updated from its lineage of the Printrbot Jr., then the Simple Maker’s Kit. Brian Roe deserves all the credit in leading this design. It lacked rubber feet and even a power switch. But had a few popular upgrades to ease the initial purchase price. It was exactly enough to get you rolling and many are still in use today. You could drop it off the table, pick it up and it would probably finish the print! It was built like a tank.

Of interest, is the actual COGS / BOM that we used at the time: Simple Metal COGS CSV File here

Build Volume: 6” x 6” x 6”

First released 2014



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Archive of Printrbot Design Files

Printrbot Original:

Printrbot LC 1302:

Printrbot LC 1308:

Printrbot Plus 1303:

Printrbot Plus 1306:

Printrbot Plus 1311:

Printrbot Starter Kit 1405:

Printrbot Simple Maker Edition 1312:

Printrbot Simple Maker Edition 1401:

Printrbot Simple Maker Edition 1405:

Printrbot Jr 1307:

Printrbot Jr 1402 (v2):

Printrbot Tank:

Printrbot Go 1212:

Printrbot Go 1408 & 1406:

Printrbot Simple XL Ugrade with Spool Rack, models 1401 & 1405:

Printrbot Play Components:

Printrbot Play Y bar end:

Printrbot LC v1 Super Z:

Printrbot LC v1 Bed Leveler:

Printrbot Plus v1 Super Z:

Printrbot Paste Extruder beta:

Printrbot Selfie:

Printrbot LCD v2 Case:

Printrbot Metal Plus Spool Coaster:

Printrbot Metal Plus Fan Shroud:

Spacer for Metal Spool Rack (Simple):

Printrbot Simple Feet:

Printrbot Simple Corner Accessory Mount:

Printrbot Logo Filament Guide:

Ubis Metal Hot End Fan Shroud:

Alu Extruder:

Alu Extruder Mount Plates:

Gear Head Extruder:

Mount for Auto Leveling Probe for Printrbot Play:

Printrbot Hot End Tip Mutli Pack container:

Printrbot Simple Pro Blower Fan Shroud:

Wire Relief for Simple Pro or Play V2 Heated Bed:

Micro USB Stablizer for Plus 1504:

Printrbot Hot End Fan:

Printrbot Blower Fan Mounts:

Z Nut for Simple 1403:

Fan Shroud for Simple 1403:

Printrbot Play Fan Plate:

Crawlbot Vacuum Attachment:

Simple Front Mount Adaptor for Plastic Extruder:

Spool Coaster for Printrbot Metal Plus:

Printrbox 2012:

Simple Maker Edition Box:

Metal Universal Spool Rack Feet:

Fan Shroud Makers Kit (1405):

Printrbot Extruder Shroud:

Printrbot Adjustable Spool Coaster:

Printrbot Raspberry Pi Camera Case:

Printrbot Unversal Spool Rack:

Printrbot Power Tower with Spool Rack:

Printrbot LCD Box:

Printrbot Simple Corner Mount Ball Joint Attachment:

Printrbot Simple Corner Accessory Mount Drop In:

Printrbot Simple Corner Accessory Mount:

Spool Coaster Clip:

Printrbot Fan Shroud:

Printrbot Simple Filament Spool Holder:

Printrbot Simple Filament Spool Holder (with no aluminum handle):

Induction Sensor (Cylinder type) for Printrbot Smalls Kit:

X Bar End Left for Printrbot Smalls Kit:

X Bar End Right for Printrbot Smalls Kit:

X Bearing Mount for Printrbot Smalls Kit:

X Endstop Standoff for Printrbot Smalls Kit: Kit:

Printrbot Smalls Feet:

Printrbot Smalls X Axis Upgrade Bar Ends:

Printrbot Smalls Spool Rack for Z Upgrade:

Switch Mount for Smalls Kit:

8mm Bar End for Smalls Kit:

XZ Block for Smalls Kit:

X Motor Stand Off for Smalls Kit:

40mm Fan Shroud for Smalls Kit: Kit:

XY Belt Tensioner for Smalls Kit:

Y Bar End for Smalls Kit:

Y Endstop Spacer for Smalls Kit:

Printrbot Smalls XZ Motor Cover:

Printrbot Smalls Electronics Case:

Printrbot Smalls Handle: