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Driven to Make

Everyone has a passion for something. Whether or not you are lucky enough to earn a living with your passion, want to make your passion your work, or just enjoy it in your free time, the Driven to Make podcast explores these often unlikely paths. We share the stories of professionals and enthusiasts Makers who are Driven to Make.

2: Max Lobovsky, Formlabs

Season 1, Episode 2

Episode Description:

Brook talks with Max Lobovsky, CEO of Formlabs, about what led him to start the company, what challenges him today, and what being a maker means to him. 

Show Notes

Formlabs Kickstarter

Hod Lipson 



Sponsor - Shopbot Tools 

Formlabs Announces 1B Valuation  

3D Printers for Digital Dentistry 

Fuse 1: Benchtop SLS 3D Printer 

Careers | Formlabs 

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