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Driven to Make

Everyone has a passion for something. Whether or not you are lucky enough to earn a living with your passion, want to make your passion your work, or just enjoy it in your free time, the Driven to Make podcast explores these often unlikely paths. We share the stories of professionals and enthusiasts Makers who are Driven to Make.

3: Carl Ubis -

Season 1, Episode 3

Recorded October 31, 2018

Carl and I discuss all sorts of geeky details about his Ubis Hotends and the process he uses to create the world's best hotends. Also, STAY TUNED for bonus contention a future post - Story time with Carl about his experience in Silicon Valley during the rise of the personal computer. Never-heard, classic Carl content. 


--Executive Producer--

Mark Trombly

--Associate Producer--

Paul Arden
Benjamin Summerfield
Edward Ford

Brook Drumm