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Driven to Make

Everyone has a passion for something. Whether or not you are lucky enough to earn a living with your passion, want to make your passion your work, or just enjoy it in your free time, the Driven to Make podcast explores these often unlikely paths. We share the stories of professionals and enthusiasts Makers who are Driven to Make.

4: Jeremy Black, CNC Maker

Brook talks to Jeremy Black, a CNC expert, about Jeremy's experiences starting a business and working with CNC.

0:00 Introducing Jeremy Black

12:42 Building a Business

24:48 Career Change and Intro to 3D Printing

33:17 Sponsor: Shopbot Tools

39:18 Old Tools: Roll Tape

43:21 Old Tools: Stick Ruler

45:14 Kids, These Days

49:26 Learning CAD

54:02 The Best Tool


3-4-5 Method

Rotring Mechanical Pencil

The New Yankee Workshop

Cabinet Vision



Edge Bander


Carbon Fiber Composite PLA

Sponsor: Shopbot

Lufkin Chrome Clad Tape

Lufkin Folding Rule

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